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Ray Morimura, Hatsuyuki First Snow, 2005. From arsvitaest & wowgreat:via Jennifer Warburton

Essaouria, Morocco by Stephen Walford Photography, flickr

Terrible Twins - Selvedge

Terrible Twins - Selvedge

toolshedding: via Sodafine … I call this one: “fashion pupils”.

Detail shot of the colourful shingles that fronts a studio designed for east London creatives.

Guillotined B-52 bombers at the ‘bone yard’, Tuscon, Arizona, USA, 1994.

22 Stunning Aerial Photos That Reveal A Beauty From Above

Tawny Owl Feather, SEM by Power and Syred/Science Photo Library: The comblike structure of the leading edge of an owls wing with filamentous extension of their anterior barbules on their feathers breaks turbulence into micro turbulence, muffling sound and giving owls the benefit of silent flight.

Minnie Pwerle / Awelye - Women's Ceremony 123.5 x 101 cm

Minnie Pwerle - List All Works

densidad en la arquitectura, hong-kong - michael wolf

La densidad arquitectónica de Hong Kong en fotografías

Textile art by Hanne Friis

Textile art by Hanne Friis - Made In Slant

screen detail

KitchAnn Style | Unique Design for Distinctive Living

Niemeyer façade by Amy Park (2010). @Deidra Brocké Wallace

Amy Park - nyc / chicago

Faience wall tiles from the step pyramid at Saqqara, Egypt, c.2690-2670 BCE. The tiles were strung together and plastered onto the walls in the funerary apartment of King Djoser.

The Fitzwilliam Museum : Home