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Homecoming Mums and Garters Ideas

Homecoming basketball mum made by Belen Sigala

made by Super Size Single Mega Mum Senior Soccer with purple accents Flower Mound High School

Billy Baseball is building up his courage (with the help from a few friends) to ask a special Texas girl to be his date for homecoming. He has a one-of-a-kink homecoming mum to give her that features everlasting Sports Roses. Find out more about Sports Roses here:

Football Homecoming Mums & Garters Ideas

Sports Roses mascot Billy Baseball shows off his Sports Roses Homecoming Mum - it features 2 Baseball Roses and 2 Football Roses. He's looking for a very lucky Texas Belle to be his date and wear his very special mum. More info about Sports Roses can be found here:

Football Homecoming Mums & Garters Ideas

Sports Roses make an unique and memorable addition to any homecoming mum or garter. Your mums will be the talk of the school for homecoming when they feature these everlasting blooms made from baseball, football and softball leather. Order online at:

  • Linda Cox

    I had never heard of a homecoming mum before. Kids in high school here do have them, but they are just mums - no ribbons, etc.

The Sports Roses Homecoming Mum was decorated with lots of sport-themed trinkets. Use sticker glitter letters to add names to the ribbon. Also add a memorable touch with Sports Roses available online at

Football Homecoming Mums & Garters Ideas

Baseball Roses and Football Roses accent this Homecoming Mum. Only available online. Order yours at

Sports Roses Homecoming Mum Ideas 8

Make your homecoming mum or garter stand out this year. Accessorize your mums with Sports Roses - Featuring petals made from the covers of baseball, footballs, and softballs. Available here:

Sports Roses Homecoming Mum Ideas 10

Homecoming Mums...just another tradition you can only find in Texas.

Football Homecoming Mums & Garters Ideas

    I know this is true...

  • Shelby Cox

    My Dad was born in Houston, but we live in Ct . He always tells me about his high school experiences and I always feel like I've missed out especially when it comes to school spirit. I was a cheerleader in high school and no one really went to games, none of the girls took it seriously, barely anyone went to the football games, homecoming was in late November for gosh sake and we only had 2 pep rallies in 4 years. It kind of sucked.

Possibly the worlds largest mum....EVER.

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Tips for making Homecoming Mums and Garters

Homecoming Mums | Ribbons and Trinkets

Homecoming Mum.

Homecoming mum and garter.