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So many colors to choose from! But don’t expect these tender florist mums to perennialize in your garden. Check out "Return of the Mums (Maybe)" at www.spottsgardens...

The Return of the Mums (Maybe)

Mums have different flower forms (including daisy-like singles, pompoms, and more), so shop around to find your favorite. www.spottsgardens...

The Return of the Mums (Maybe)

Poppies and corn flowers Colonial Nursery, Colonial Williamsburg, by Justine Hand for Gardenista. What a vibrant combination!

Summer Bulbs at Chicago Botanic Garden

Summer Bulbs | My Chicago Botanic Garden

Almost-black plants and foliage, clockwise from top left: Black Magic Viola, Sweet Caroline Purple Sweet Potato Vine, Colorblaze Dark Star Coleus and Pinstripe Petunia.

Black Magic | Gardener's Journal

Beautiful comfrey flower in the herb garden at the #EJCArboretum. Comfrey is a wonder plant, used as a nutrient accumulator and ideal for making an organic liquid fertilizer.

Agapanthus ‘Navy Blue’: A native of South Africa, the Nile lily isn't hardy in central Indiana. But it sure looks great used as an annual in pots!

Agapanthus ‘Navy Blue’

True-Blue Garden Plants: Nigella damescena

True-Blue Garden Plants

Daylily (Hemerocallis fulva) can be used in the kitchen in several ways. Check out our Top 5 Edible Garden Perennials at www.spottsgardens...

Top 5 Edible Garden Perennials

Bee balm (Monarda didyma) attracts pollinators and makes a great cup of tea. Check out our Top 5 Edible Garden Perennials at www.spottsgardens...

Top 5 Edible Garden Perennials

White poppies glow against salvia. New York Botanical Garden.

» Morning Eye Candy: Simple and Clean | NYBG

Siberian iris floats delicate, fleur-de-lis flowers over grassy foliage. Learn to use it in your garden at www.spottsgardens...

Iris Illuminated

Bearded, or German, iris, likes it hot and dry. This specimen is growing in gravel. Check out our favorite irises at www.spottsgardens...

Iris Illuminated

Brilliant orange poppies at New York Botanical Garden.

» Morning Eye Candy: Orange Suns | NYBG

Zinnia 'Fireball Blend' from Botanical Interests. An eye-engaging combination, these 4" - 5" bright beauties have amazing, intense color. The heat-loving, tall plants are great for the back of the flowerbed, and are a sight to behold when planted in mass.

It's almost time for the peonies to bloom! A glossary of several types from Martha Stewart.

Lily of the valley, gardenista. Lily of the valley is a garden thug. It's great under trees, but don't plant it in beds or if you're near a woodland it might escape into.

A new, yellow version of one of our favorite Indiana natives. Proven Winners says, "Decadence 'Lemon Meringue' Baptisia...This variety will reach 3 feet in height, and the tall, dark stems with bright flowers makes a striking sight in the landscape."

The deep blue of these ‘Brookside’ geraniums mingles well with the pink roses, blue Nigella, and purple iris in this border. Read more about geraniums at www.spottsgardens...

The Genuine Geranium

We love lavender! Gardeners in zone 6 should stick to English lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) or lavandins (L. x intermedia).

A Guide to Edible Flowers: Add some to your organic garden!

Blaze Peony - Bright red ruffled petals create a bowl around the yellow center. Zone 4 From

Top 10 Cutting Flowers for the Small Garden: We love Siberian iris for its elegant blooms and grass-like foliage. See all our top ten double-duty cutting flowers at www.spottsgardens...

Russian Sage 'Peek a Blue'. New, compact introduction that is supposed to get just 2' tall. Full sun, lean soil. From Best New Plants 2014 from The Garden Glove.

Best New Plants 2014 | The Garden Glove