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CHOCOLATE LEGO:ACGUY by Akihiro Mizuuchi, via Behance

Scorpion, Kalahari Desert, Botswana by Frans Lanting

Scorpion | Frans Lanting Stock

Storm over Lake Erie 7-28-13, Erie, Pennsylvania

Peabody Museum of Natural History - Two skulls; that in front is from a Triceratops and that behind from a Torosaurus. Jack Horner John Scannella asserted that the two are adult and juvenile specimens within the same genus. According to this hypothesis, Torosaurus is just the Triceratops grown up. That the apparent skeletal differences between the two genera reflect changes in the animal as it matured. If correct, the separate genus of Torosaurus would be laid to rest.

One of the coolest-looking grasshoppers: Prionosthenus galericulatus, which looks just like a miniature dinosaur!

Age of the Dinosaurs by erezmarom on deviantART

Mecha King Ghidorah: Just when you thought a badass monster couldn't get more badass!

Model kit artwork depicting the King of the Monsters in GODZILLA (1954).

Final Wars Gigan: An update on one of Godzilla's enemies.

Toothless! Dragon! How to train your dragon movie!