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This game helps students learn to discriminate between the plus and minus sign in addition and subtraction. This game can be played in small groups...

How Many Fish?-go along with One Fish, Two Fish,.....students use objects or drawings to complete equations. She has some really cute activities. This one is free.

Place value dice game...freebie.

This math game practices adding three numbers together.Directions: Roll 3 dice. Add the numbers together. Cover the sum on the game board....

Greater than and Less than workstation for Mardi Gras. Freebie

Addition practice with St. Patty's Day theme.

Used to write and recognize numbers to 100. Recommended to use daily and student competes against his own previous score.

In this center, your students will use the chunk of the 120's chart given to identify what numbers come before, after and are 10 more and 10 less t...

Make patterns in stations or give them a pattern to create to check for understanding or mastery!

Great math station to practice tallying. Choose a monster card, write the number and draw the tally. FREEBIE