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Shannon Czarnecki

Shannon Czarnecki

this girl enjoys cooking and baking, is crafty, absolutly LOVES Halloween time, and enjoys everything nature....have fun looking through what interests me =)

Just calm down bitch. I know what I'm doing, I saw this shit on Pinterest.

This is such a great idea! No more returning of plates after parties...keep it and pass it along. Love!!

Mary "Stormer" Phillips, The Misfits. :)

  • Andrea

    I was always Roxy. Just realized my desire to be a bass player goes way back! Thanks! :)

  • Andrea

    Oh, they gave her a six string, how sad...

Jem & the Holograms tshirt

The difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Warm Fuzzy Jar! When students are caught being kind they get a "warm fuzzy" to put in the jar. When the jar is full have a class party!

July 29, 2010 - Clouds in Ohio - - This is an actual photograph I took last year. NO photoshop. Do you see the angel ? :)...I see a heart in the center!

using silk flowers as knob backs on dressers (just screw knob on, placing it through the center of the flower) cute for Lily's room!