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They used this for Spanish terms, but could be modified for vocab and tons of other things! The post also mentions uses for UNO!

Señora Baxters Spanish Class: Grab It Game - Modified for Conjugation

word roll game...English to Spanish or Spanish def to Spanish vocab word. Create a blank template and kids can fill in the blank w vocab

Sentence Race! - Give each group of 3-4 a visual (e.g. a picture, map, chart, sketch) face down. Explain that students will have 3 minutes to describe the visual with as many complete sentences as they can in 3 minutes. Assign a recorder to each group who tallies the sentences spoken. When time is up, switch visuals, and repeat as long as desired.

CARAMBA: (Spanish teacher version of BANG) You take turns drawing cards out of a container. If you know the word in Spanish you keep the card. If not, the card goes back in. Whoever collects the most cards wins the game. If you draw one of the CARAMBA cards, you have to put back all of the cards you have collected.

Game for vocabulary or conjugation. Canister is filled with cups and each cup has a word on it. When they answer correctly, they can start building a tower. If they get a word wrong or knock over the tower or the tower falls, they have to start over - this has so many possibilities in a Foreign Language classroom!

Love this idea: buying plastic picture frames to hold Station directions!

"Card Talkers" Activity to practice questions and answers in Spanish. Also, teaches what the Spanish deck of cards is all about {La Baraja}. Free printables!

Unique game to practice verb conjugation -- 5 tenses; 140 conjugated verb cards -- FREE to download and print!

Use speech bubbles on famous paintings to get students thinking/writing.

Here is the fun you can have when you give your students a digital camera (or an iPad) and set them loose with a vocabulary list. I just marvel at the creative shots they came up with to show the parts of the body in Spanish.

Vamos a la playa (conjugación en presente de indicativo)