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SUPER HERO classroom decor | ARTrageous Fun

SUPER HERO classroom decor | ARTrageous Fun

The Peanuts Gang catching up on their reading!

"I got the adhesive whiteboard roll from Amazon, stuck it to the table, sealed the sides with a little duct tape, and viola!" .....Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-to-keep' literacy tools other fun teaching stuff :)

Interactive Writing Notebooks - Sentences, Paragraphs, and Strategies for Common Core Grades 3-6. Check preview file for Table of Contents, Common Core Alignment, Suggested Pacing, and sample pages.

Teachers - Now you will know if it's your pencil! Decorative duct tape wrapped pencils.

Adorable "Read like a Detective" Anchor Chart

A walk in my shoes...: "Read like a Detective" Anchor Chart

top 10 books to read when teaching fractions

You could begin by working backward! Theme is soooo difficult for kids to grasp. This might help them by brainstorming stories/books that have specific themes!

Appletastic: Blossoming in Fifth Grade: Theme in Literature

Chevron Teacher Binder - This teacher binder will be a great organizational tool for you to use in the classroom. #education #tpt

Dry erase circles. Who knew? Vinyl circles at group table. No passing out dry erase boards:)

FAST Characterization

iHeartLiteracy: Characterization

Read to self chairs. It's special, it's something totally will love it and I'll bet they are SILENT!

Good night, Posterous

Pencil Challenge! I wrote each students magic number on the pencils. The last person who doesn't lose their pencil will win!

22 Creative Classroom Door Ideas

22 Creative Classroom Door Ideas - Clicky Pix

5 tips for setting up your classroom with a Reggio influence

Easily Distracted

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Easily Distracted

40 Children's Books that teach forage. Age ranges from infant to elementary! Perfect for character building lessons around Memorial Day and other holidays celebrating our country.

Children's Books that Teach Courage - Carrots Are Orange

Sliding Into Second Grade: Classroom Management

Sliding Into Second Grade: Classroom Management

Use student photos with speech bubbles - do with book recommendations for the library- can do this with tinypiny

Account Suspended

I have to remember to do this at the beginning of the year!!! Ideas for encouraging positive behavior in your class.

freebie friday and good character bingo

TONS of literacy anchor charts to support discussion of reading & writing norms.

Mr. Giso's Room to Read: Raise That Reading Stamina!

Chalk Talk - write a topic in the middle and have students comment around it. They cannot talk, only write! They go up twice. First they write something original, then they comment on it, could do this with butcher paper or construction paper too...If I were to ever teach older kids...I LOVED doing this in college and think it would be FABULOUS for them!