tourmaline amazing colors.

The Collector: Tourmaline Buying Guide

Rare Cross Section of Tourmaline Polished slice of a transparent tourmaline crystal showing colorful internal zoning. The most amazing fact of this piece is the triangular pattern that appear throughout the section. Perfectly formed geometric shapes like this, naturally occurring in a mineral’s formation, are rare.

Wulfenite with epitaxial cerussite

Well Arranged Molecules

More opals Such beauty from just rocks.

Rustic Opals Picture & Image | tumblr

Ethiopian Opal Too bad a country so poor has such beauty.

Opal Looks like a stain glass window!!!

Nature's pattern. ❦ CHRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦

Floral wedding guest dress. So cute and stylish.

Floral print peplum dress. Perfect for a guest at a wedding.

Lace Short Sleeves Red Dress

Fall = Long Sleeve Dresses. YAY!

coolest chanel gladiator sandals wicked

Swedish Hasbeens Thong Sandal Clogs

Z Ankle Strap | Sven Clogs

Motled Brown Vera with Studs | Dala Clogs

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