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Winter-looking french manicure. Will remember this for simple Christmas nails!!

Tuesday Ten: Pretty Pastels

How to fix broken powders, blushes, and eye shadows! Who knew.. you can add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and let it set over night!

Fix up broken makeup

Easy Knotted Bun Updo and Simple Bun Hairstyle

Easy Knotted Bun Updo and Simple Bun Hairstyle -

Long bob @haley van liew van liew van liew Rayfield

Lewisville Love: Tips & Tricks Tuesday: How to Clean Make-up Brushes

Gorgeous summer makeup

Spring / Summer Beauty (Krystal Schlegel)

keiko lynn: Makeup Monday: How To Get The Perfect Brows (Full Tutorial)

Essie nail polish: Best selection of white-ish and nude/light pink nail polish colors

Pink chiffon gel polish by sensationail. Perfect pink gel polish

I chip my nails like crazy, but don't want to destroy them with a real shellac manicure. This might be worth a try.

$2 for a mouthguard, <$0.5 cents for H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) & Baking Soda. 20 min a day x 2 weeks. And after getting those Sparkly toofies, you will thank me for saving you $750. Or maybe even more.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Nude. Most girls have heard of using white eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and wide awake, but white can look way too harsh. For me personally, nude is the best to give you that same effect without being in-your-face noticeable!

hair idea for @Breanna Newbill Newbill Newbill Newbill Newbill Bouck 's wedding!?

ELF Shimmering Facial Whip. Just like Benefit's High Beam, but $29 cheaper! I have used them both and this is a great dupe!

BB Couture Napa Valley Red. A particularly gorgeous take on the "red glitter in red jelly" polishes. It's a little deeper than others I have but not so deep that it's vampy.