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In my experience, WORRYING is GOD'S TOOL TO LET ME KNOW THAT I NEED TO UP MY FAITH: "Do I trust Him or not? Is He faithful or not? Is His Word true or not? Clearly, the Lord wants to grow our faith and give us clarity in His word. LET HIM, THEN THANK HIM.

Maybe my favorite thing I've found on Pinterest.

DIY:: Amazing Burlap Projects (these are all great !)

It's just too bad and sad that there are dumbasses out there who keep voting them in!! They Will All Burn In HELL For LYING To Get FOLLOWERS!!! FOX NEWS = BRAINWASHING, Watch Something That Doesn't Say Conservative If You Want REAL NEWS If You Want To Really Know Whats GOING ON IN HIS WORLD!!!!

Homer Simpson : ) #liberal LOL. Just for the record though, I don't think all (heck, not most) conservatives are like the ones on fox news. This is a message about the media conservatives and disrespectful conservatives, not the average one.

Bible verses on worry and anxiety