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Use shower caps to pack your shoes so they don't get your clothes dirty

Perfect Your Skills: Hand Piecing = Hand piecing is a relaxing and sometimes more accurate way to piece blocks. See step-by-step photos for hand piecing below (we used a diamond star shape as an example!).

  • Mary Ann Fielder

    Surprising relaxing after I conquered it.

  • Kim Forbes-Gayton

    I love doing this. I get thrill when I get to the corners and assemble four.

  • Jean Greenwade

    Relaxing, yes, but I've always wondered if the hand sewn seams were as strong as machine sewn.

  • Mary Ann Fielder

    Take 3-5 stitches forward (whatever you get on your needle before you pull your thread through) then after pulling thread through, take a quick little back stitch. I don't know how it compares to machines, but it's the devil to unstitch!

  • Jean Greenwade

    Great to know--thanks!

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Crochet boot leggings these are great for someone with really skinny legs and a wide boot top fills in the gap so well

  • Marian Young

    Totally awesome totally works! I used it in my slipper foundation round, it gives a good base and fills out the line instead of having a skimpy center in the oval.

  • Debi Brasfield

    That is such a cool technique!

  • Caitlin Sommer

    This technique is perfect for the brim of a beanie hat that is stretchy... start with this then alternate fpdc and bpdc for two rows :) looks awesome and is stretchy and comfy

Eye makeup \ natural look

Casual Outfit - love the soft colors!

fall clothing