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Public speaking tips #effectivepublicspeaking #tips

IMproSolutions an Interactive Public Speaking System

Brain Breaks Freebie: Roll a Brain Break!

Brain Breaks Freebie: Roll a Brain Break!

alphabet mazes kids activity for preschoolers

17 Amazing Alphabet Activities & TGIF

Match up activity with "Punctuation Poses!"

Adventures of Room 129: Bye, Bye Summer... (Lots of Freebies!)

At the end of the month, anyone who is still in the club will receive an extra privilege.

educationjourney: Ready. Set. Go!

A chart to organize classroom expectations. Very quick and easy way to set expectations. AIH means Academic Intervention Hour"

Filter those thoughts. Say it or keep it in my head.

Behavioral Interventions--For Kids!: Where.Is.My.Mind

Tap light to help students remember guided reading rules. This blog has many helpful teaching ideas.

Literacy & Math Ideas: Guided Reading Ideas

Use sticky notes to note facts from your reading.

This is a great math and literature connection and a super fun way to introduce kids to the idea of making circle graphs!

The Elementary Math Maniac: Monday Math Literature Volume 37

This is the BEST idea. As a teacher there will be a lot of this. As a student I saw a lot of this myself. I wasn't talking I was singing. Singing, whispering, whatever you were still TALKING. I would definitely use this in a classroom.

Projects at the Pickett's: Back to School Time

Experiment: Can You Blow Up a Balloon in a Bottle? This can be used as an experiment station where students can predict what will happen, perform the experiment, and see if their prediction was accurate. I would have them explain why they think this happened in their journals as well as long their prediction and results. This allows me to look at their journals, check for critical thinking and understanding!

Can You Blow Up a Balloon in a Bottle? - I Can Teach My Child!

Pattern block fraction task cards. Go beyond worksheets, procedures, and rules when teaching fractions. Engage your students while teaching fractions with depth and understanding. $

Invite parents to snap a picture if they catch their child reading during the week and email it to the teacher for this fun display--a great way to loop in families AND celebrate reading!

Motivating Middle School Students |

Here is a great, free, word game idea that is terrific for literacy centers, small groups or even one-to-one remedial help! It's great for sound blending, strengthening verbal reasoning skills, sequential processing and more. It's totally addicting and your students will love it.

The Creative Counselor. Fill your bucket. Self-esteem. Giving compliments to make others feel good.

ELA.4.104 Draw pictures and scribble to generate and express ideas. ELA.4.105 Follow dictated writing read by an adult. ELA.4.106 Draw at the top or bottom of the page, when requested. 20 Great Websites For Elementary Educators - Edudemic

20 Great Websites For Elementary Educators - Edudemic

Share This With All the Schools, Please This is a MUST READ for all teachers. Focusing on preventing social problems by making sure that children are noticed now at a young age. Prevent children resorting to violence to get attention. Save lives with action now. Read about this teacher's AMAZING SYSTEM to identifying and address the social and emotional needs of children. Educate hearts as well as minds. TEACHERS PLEASE READ AND PASS ON.

Share This With All the Schools, Please

FREE. Open a positive line of communication with parents from Day 1. Have parents fill out this simple note at Meet the Teacher night so you can learn about their child before the year even begins.

TheHappyTeacher: Back to School Communication & Elapsed Time