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Pinner before: Why sell lemonade when you can sell balloons!? Learn to DIY this balloon stand, balloon wands + more (with duct tape, no less!)!

Best Garage Sale Layout Tips to Maximize Sales

When you are setting up your sale: Think like a store-owner. Think like a shopper. You are displaying other people's "treasures" and not your unwanted "junk". Remember what attracted you and what turned you off at other garage sales you have been to.

Garage Sale Floor Plan

Yard Sale Merchandise Display

How to Have a Wildly Successful Yard Sale -- Display Your Goods So They Will Fly Off the Shelves thumbnail

21 Survival Items to Look for at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

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The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide - A fun, insightful and illustrated yard sale guide to help you plan and pull off the ultimate garage sale.

This lady keeps a tote with all her garage sale signs, labels and supplies ready to go. She goes a little nutso for me but I kinda like the general idea of it!

Garage sales

Garage Sale Idea: have newspaper and paper/plastic bags on hand to wrap/package merchandise. Shoppers will appreciate this especially if they'll be purchasing a lot of items.

"Avoid pricing every little thing. Sort goods in bins, like these metal breadboxes (pictured above), and stick a single "for each" tag on the lot. If you must mark all your gear, opt for color-coding with labels, and then tack up a prominent key that notes each hue's corresponding cost"

ideas for displaying clothes (hanging) at a garage sale