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More Awesome Elf on the Shelf Ideas (35 Pics)

More Awesome Elf on the Shelf Ideas (35 Pics) | Vitamin-Ha

cupcake in ice cream cones

These bento box lunch ideas are easier than you think, and your kids will flip!

For family trips in busy places, like theme parks and the zoo...use a fine point sharpie or pen and write "If lost, call (your phone number)". Then use liquid bandaid on top of it. It will seal it in and it's waterproof and should last for about a day.

26 Awesome Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Pinkie for Pink: Kids Christmas Art Projects=Foot Print Tree Use foot print in green Once dry paint on light string and star Once that dries use finger tip to make lights

For nephews! favorite candy gift for the hard-to-buy-for teen. - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

DIY rainbow sensory box - this is different than ones I have made in the past!

Halloween Ghost Activity for kids!

Freezer toddler menu for ages 12-18 months menu. Breakfasts: Banana Blueberry Muffins, Fruity Breakfast Burritos, Egg In A Hole, & Veggie Pancakes. Lunches: Ham & Cheese Muffins, Grilled Cheese Rolls, Mini French Bread Pizzas, Pizza In A Sleeping Bag, & Chicken & Broccoli Quesadilla. Snacks: Balls of Energy, Mini Banana Pancake Muffins, & Drops of Happiness.

33 Beautiful Things You Can Make With Food Coloring For Easter — or any regular old day that needs brightening up — here are some ideas that are practically too pretty to eat.

The Ultimate List of Meal Plans for Toddlers - healthy meal ideas for kids!