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And now I feel old >_

like a copy machine! only NOT!

Remember when your costume would come with these plastic masks??

clogs, wooden-soled very heavy shoes. So in style in late 70's.

Smurfs. I had this Smurf House and all the characters when i was a kid.


The Coke rugby.......and matching Swatch!


Peg-rolled jeans

aww, Cabbage Patch Kids

Facts of Life

Eastland Shoes

Care Bears!

6th grade. I'm pretty sure this was my first perfume.

stirrup pants, why did we wear those again?

Slouchy socks!!! I had them in every color!!

Big Wheel

Fisher Price record player

Snoopy Snow Cone Machine

Aqua Net hair spray! better than shellac!!

Seriously. I miss those days...