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Awesome pictures - great idea

Two Awesome Brothers Come Up With a Brilliant Idea...

Dragonfly covered in dew. "How do I turn on the windshield wipers?"

Amazing pictures! Annette Kellerman promoting a woman’s right to wear a fitted, one-piece bathing suit in 1907. She was later arrested for indecency >>>You have to check out the rest of these photos from the past century - they are great!

Too cool this photography idea - photo at sunset with arms making a heart framing the sunset ... print all in black and white except the sunset in color - great idea!

Australia's new Crocosaurus Cove park in Darwin allows thrill-seekers to swim face-to-face with massive saltwater crocodiles >> WOW Thanks for sharing this with us @Maria Bancer

Super cool shot of different planes taking off from the same airport on different days!

Cool Cat markings-what are the odds??.

This is not a caterpillar! It's amazing!....It took me 10 seconds to identify what it really is!! Too cool.

Nothing else to say, kinda put things in perspective. We can overcome anything if we are really determined to.