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Father & Daughter~~ For my loves

Things that make me think of my wonderful husband and my amazing girls and all the bonding moments that bring them closer together. :)

This website is entirely devoted to dads and daughters and it makes me smile to know that my dad did nearly all of these things as I was growing up.

"Daddies don't just love their children every now and's a love without end, amen." George Straight I have the perfect picture for this!

Complete the Ultimate Father - Daughters day: Build magical fort with the girls and have a Disney marathon. Talk about how Daddy and I met, do a princess coloring book, have a tea party, they'll wear tiaras and I'll wear a crown, sociodramatic play, cupcakes, silly photos, They read me a story and I'll read them a story and we all fall asleep in the fort. Can I fast forward to this day please? :)