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The Polka Dot Posie: Free Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable

Bunch of Monkeys! Three is never a crowd when it comes to these groovy little sock monkeys! Make your very own barrel of you-know-whats by following the step-by-step instructions inside. The key to quirky cuteness is all in the embellishments!

Finger Painting - First put a word/message in tape on the canvas, then let your child finger paint over it. Finally, remove tape. Pretty cool!

Teach your kids to work! 43 chores young children can (AND SHOULD) do (18 months to 7 years old)

make a footprint every year alternating legs and soon you'll have a path of prints running through the garden as well as a growth chart. Stacey would like this!

PLEASE don't let me forget to do this. starting at age 3, every year on their birthday you ask the same questions and see how their answers change over the years! Add a pic and make a book out of it. 20 questions* : answered by Morgan 1. What is your favorite color? 2. What is your favorite toy? 3. What is your favorite fruit? 4. What is your favorite tv show? 5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? 6. What is your favorite outfit? 7. What is your favorite game? ...

I've seen these all over Pinterest, but this is the first one that actually has the tutorial. Tent made with hula hoop and flat sheets...fantastic for kids room

Teaching A Child To Swim - 5 days of lessons,

Homemade ice cream in a bag in 10 min... sounds interesting!