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Check out this awesome list of 45 tools to create quizzes or polls in your classroom.

classroom "too loud" meter for SmartBoards. so cool!

Too Noisy - Noise Meter Application

Oh. My. God. I can set a timer on the computer and it will play 2 minutes before we need to leave for specials, lunch, recess or dismissal... Yes! Yes! YES!!!

Online copy of book- great for viewing on smartboard. Teaches students about test anxiety and how to conquer it!

Computer Center Sign - make a list of listen to read options

Teacher's Assistant- Keep track of student behavior, attendance, etc. It assigns points for different behaviors, which you can customize. You can even email their parents a weekly report if you would like!

implementing technology in the classroom...check out the videos on this site. learn how to do a wide range of technological tasks and there are lesson-worthy videos on the site as well.

Free web-based program to send updates to parents and students via text message. They subscribe online and you don't ever have to know their phone numbers and they never have to know yours. Great way to keep kids updated. Great for rehearsal cancelations and changes!

use a digital picture frame for word work- Or Lots of things! Very cool idea!

TooLoud! app - hook up to smart board for visual for students so they can manage their noise levels themselves

online read-alouds by celebs.. FREE!--great links

a MUST have for classroom library. It allows you yo use your smart phone and scan the bar code on your classroom books and then it inputs all of the info for you on a FREE data base. It allows you to let kids scan out the books and check out and check in them, separate them by reading levels and even put down their location in your class room. Did I mention it's FREE!?!?

Love...♥ ... Love this blog! Has a GrEaT video on creating printables using Powerpoint (which I do, but she shows a bunch of super ideas...DuH...why didn't I think of dat???) - Check it out!