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  • Jacqui Hencsie

    It's not Disney and it's not a princess but 4 is a pretty good description of Happy Feet. :)

  • Chadáe Frank

    There is a scene that didn't make it into the incredibles (I've only seen it drawn) and it depicts when Violet first started disappearing. It's hilarious

  • Ashley Moore

    That Grandma has my second favorite line in all of Disney. The first is Cogsworth "There's the, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep"

  • Dolores Nevarez

    This made me laugh so much!!!

  • Helena Wayne

    Let it Groove let it groove!!

10 Celebs You Didn't Know Voiced Your Favorite Cartoons

Inuit Flute – front detail by John Lunn (The flute player in me is dying to try this out)

Perfect turns! How manny pirouettes can you do? How about second position turns or fouettes? Comment if you are a dancer!!!

I want this dress