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This is pretty much an exact replica of every cheat sheet notecard I made in undergrad when professors said we could bring in one index card of notes for an exam.

50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood // Look just like?! THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD!

Yeah.... I feel old....

90'S KID: Neon plastic phone!

HAHAHAHA!! You know we all did this at one point.

Best Insults from 90s Kids TV Shows // Flavorwire :) - Topanga was only supposed to be a guest star on the show for one or two episodes... but they liked her so much that they kept her on! Amazing!

15 Tasty Treats Every 90s Kid Will Remember

Get it ? youre probably an awsome 90s kid

Haha i was a 90's kid..

Only 90s kids will understand.

Forever a 90s Kid ♥ ♥ ♥

I always wanted one of these when I was a kid

What 90s kids learned about science from...

15 Tasty Treats Every 90s Kid Will Remember

90's kid... YES

I call my self a 90s kid!!

90s kids

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA // For the 90's kids

The one toy I never wanted or had to have.

90's kids will remember this lovely little toy :)

I miss playing with Legos. Yes I'm a child... // LEGO Castle - Black Monarch's Ghost, 1990. #LEGO #toys #vintage #90s #1990s