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Keep Looking Up

What do you see when you look up? Share your favorite pictures that have to do with looking up with us. Please stay on topic to respect our community. Off topic pins, such as shoes, crafts, jewelry, etc. will be removed.

Snow Mountain Chalet Aurora Milky Way Stars

Am still in step one

As seen from Earth, Cruithne (asteroid) has what is known as a horseshoe orbit. In other words, viewed from Earth, it appears to orbit a point beside Earth. Astronomers agree Earth has occasionally captured small asteroids as secondary moons, but usually for only about a year

Tranquil Trillium | Flickr - Gary Randall, The night sky above Mount Hood, Oregon from Trillium Lake.

Exploding Galaxy by Björn Hoffmann on 500px

The Northern Lights over the Seward, Alaska harbor.

This is a deep image of the Sword of Orion - the three stars that make up the weapon hanging off the belt of this famous celestial hunter. The image showcases the amazing mix of physical and optical processes including atomic emission, Rayleigh scattering, reflection and absorbtion of light, that go on in this star forming region to create this kaleidescope of colours and details.

Wise words from Harvey Specter

Ann Druyan

Guardians of the Galaxy by Terence Leezy on 500px Haystack Rock, Oregon

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." - Carl #Sagan - #PrepareToDiscover - #DENEB Official © ★ www.denebofficial...

Stars over Castle Rock ( Castle Valley, Utah, USA ) | by Royce Bair

Fireball Taken by Lauri Koivuluoma on September 7, 2014 @ Pudasjärvi, Finland

M31 Andromeda 2014 update (130pds + 80ED)

Nuraghe under the stars by Fabrizio Lutzoni on 500px Italy

Pac-Moon :) by Fabrizio Lutzoni on 500px Italy

Every dream begins with a dreamer.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014: the winners.