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Keep Looking Up

What do you see when you look up? Share your favorite pictures that have to do with looking up with us. Please stay on topic to respect our community. Off topic pins, such as shoes, crafts, jewelry, etc. will be removed.

Milky Way and star trails over Mt.Kobau. Credit: Preserved Light Photography on Flickr.

Take Hold of Me... beautiful sunset, Wisconsin by Phil Koch

28-08-14 Waxing crescent Moon at sunset

Kildrummy Aurora, Scotland. The night can be so beautiful in Scotland! Reach out for the stars!

Midnight Run | Flickr - Carlos Orue

One Tree Hill - Outback NSW Australia. | Flickr - Carlos Orue

So Many Things Up There The brightest part of the galaxy between Scorpius and Sagitarius. | Flickr - Luis Argerich

Pendant Lamp That Looks Like Real Moon Luna Pendant by Design Ocilunam

♥ White River Sparks, Mt Hood, Oregon, USA, - Andrew Curtis

A 2-billion-year-old rock found in the Sahara desert has been identified as a meteorite from Mars’ crust, and it contains ten times more water than any other Martian meteorite found on Earth. It also contains organic carbon. Credit: NASA

The Greatest Sunrise I've Ever Witnessed | Flickr - Chad Powell Isle of Wight

Flowers Brook Portrait | Flickr - Chad Powell Isle of Wight

Castle Haven | Flickr - Chad Powell Isle of Wight

Moonlight, Sardinia, Italy, by Fabrizio Lutzoni.