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Granola topped with Honey flavored greek yogurt and fresh strawberries. This website provides 25 Meals to Boost Your Mood.

Oh my word! The warm-up is the hardest part! Once you get past that you should be "fine".

I changed my goal from losing weight to being fit. I love the look of muscle on women. She looks like she could do anything.

Don't quit! :D Just finished Day 2 of Insanity!

Insanity! I just did my first Fit Test and the warm this is gonna be killer. :D Although having a calendar and a STRICT time schedule will make me very happy. I like structure.

lol I like to think there is a reason besides getting healthy I do this. Maybe to prepare for absolute awesome?! Yes. Thats a reason.

Why I started running and why I am going to start working out with Shaun T(not literally with him but you catch my drift). Oh boy this is gonna be killer.

I'm trying to be more active. Ran a mile today and improved my PR. Now it's 8:56.1 not bad but I can do better! :D

I did that today. My PR was 45 seconds faster than my previous. YES!

. I always dread my morning jog but in the end I love it. After catching my breath and removing my shoes that is. During, no.

I hate getting back into jogging..every time.