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Steak Seasoning

A gallery of bovine awesomeness. These are hunks of meat and meals prepared with Doug's Last Wish Ultimate Steak Seasoning.

Corporate gifts with custom labels. Sharing the love with hundreds! Brilliant.

Thank for your order CA!!! - Doug's Last Wish Ultimate Steak Seasoning (6.9 oz) by Ultimate Steak Seasoning,

  • Priscilla Martins

    Are you able to give out free samples to customers?

  • Doug Mitchell

    Sure thing Priscilla. What would you like? Something for you to give out or something more substantial? email me with more details. I'd love to help. d e mitchell AT gmail DOT com

Anniversary meat. Dry me. Estancia meritage and omg

Why decide between pork and beef?

Another glorious site. Two amazing cuts joined by one flavor packed bone. Enjoy keeper of the flame. Meat Ninja. Thanks @abrudtkuhl

I celebrate your sacrifice.

Tri-tip with Doug's Last Wish Ultimate Steak Seasoning. Tri-tip is so flavorful and after a 1 year layoff from it, I'm so glad Steph grabbed 2. Coat liberally, sear, then bake indirect until 125 deg. Pull off and cover with foil for 5-10 min (preference because it will keep cooking). Slice on bias against grain and enjoy. Tonight it's with steamed broc and rice with sriracha!

It's pretty special when 200 bottles of DLW are headed out to a cattle auction and charity dinner. This was of course at the COWS' request! Overheard: "If we're gonna get eaten...we want to taste the best. Moo."

Post kettlebell recovery burrito with sriracha and a sprinkle of dlw

Bacon wrapped Amana top sirloin with my DLW ultimate steak seasoning - but notice the lack of label. It's my "private stock"

Low carb dining powered by Doug's Last Wish. I dont buy the idea that you don't grill in the winter.

I am feeling my Mexcellence this morning as I prep (for my first time ever) homemade Chili Colorado! Step 1 brown DSW seasoned meat! www.ultimatesteat...

  • Doug Mitchell

    Nice! Can't wait to dive in tonight. Quite impressive babe and abuelita will be proud.

organic blend inspired by grass fed beef farmers to bring the very best of socially and nutritionally responsible beef flavors out.

That was my slice. This piece caused closed eye moans and meat sweats.