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Stephanie Finney

Stephanie Finney

Here's what I wish i could do...

Plant filtered Natural Swimming Pool ~ This is really kind of awesome. Had no idea such a pool existed!

Toffee Chocolate Bars - One of the best desserts ever!! they are simply amazing and so easy to make!

Amazing Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. Tender leaves of cabbage stuffed and rolled with beef, garlic, onion and rice, simmered in a thick tomato sauce.

Here's how you stuff Cabbage Rolls! You can use lentils, onions garlic as a filling, or any other legumes or grains you enjoy... like quinoa! Top with a marinara sauce season to taste!

Southwestern Summer Salad Recipe! Perfect for potlucks! Best ever! #recipes #summersalad #potluckrecipe

summer salad - watermelon, pomegranate, mint and lime

how to stay no-'poo with heavy sweating (weather or exercise!)

If Time-Out isn't working to discipline your child -- try a TIME-IN! Great parenting tip!

Oh, How Pintearesting!: Summer of 60 Pins, #30: Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

Texas Pork Burritos (crockpot recipe!) - these are the BEST burritos I've ever made. Simple ingredients and super yummy!

Create dramatic effects with an eye shadow palette with beautiful shades of emerald green and bronze. Wear this mysterious and glamorous look on your next night out.

Beef with broccoli Awesome and super easy!!!

Perfect color! Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection Lipstick 08--Beautiful Color!

7 chores your kids should be doing

1. Separate hair into 3 sections, per usual with a braid. 2. Braid 2 of your 3 sections into small braids and leave your third section as is. 3. Braid the 2 braids and the section you left out together loosely and secure with a hair tie. 4. Once secured in a hair tie, loosen your braid to make it look fat by gently pulling on each side of your braid and mushing it up.

Brightening Face Cleanser: One tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of baking soda in your palm. Rub them together with a few drops of water, and then massage gently in circular motions on your face. Let sit for a minute then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Wala.

HOW TO GET STRONGER These yoga poses will help you get in shape and get stronger. Yoga's really easy and relaxing, try it!