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Beach Themed Baby Shower

Bath Salt Party Favor

  • Stefanie McGill

    No party is complete without a favor for the guests to take home! These are coconut bath salts (from Dollar Tree) put in 1/2 pint jelly jars (from Walmart) with burlap on lid and ribbon tied around. A custom made label by me that says "Amanda's Baby Shower - Add contents to bath for an instant island oasis!" was added to the front.

Message in a bottle

  • Stefanie McGill

    Each guest wrote baby a little message on this paper - then rolled up and put in this bottle for a special little "message in a bottle" that can go in the nursery. (this was all basically stuff I had just dressed up) The pens I just wrapped with scrapbook paper and added ribbons to non writing end. And on the left you see one of the starfish trays that were laying around with rainbow goldfish crackers!

Baby Bib Activity

  • Stefanie McGill

    Instead of just silly baby shower games. We each made baby a custom bib by cutting out fabric (that I had pre-applied heat & bond to the back of) and ironing on!

  • MK VanDerPool

    Love this idea!!!!

Drink Crate

  • Stefanie McGill

    Drink crate (something I had) including custom labels (made by me) for the water bottles (from Dollar Tree) and cups (from Target) so you could write your name on them! See the markers to write your name even matched :) The pitcher there had mango punch which had fresh strawberries and starfish shaped pink and blue ice cubes in it! There was a pitcher of tea too but it must have been being used :)

Pinwheels and Starfish Bouquet

  • Stefanie McGill

    I made the pinwheels with scrapbook paper! (some I had and one new pack from Walmart) Instructions from: http://jonesdesigncomp... They are attached to pencils (from Dollar Tree) with white thumb tacks (from Walmart) and glued to bamboo skewers. In the Jar (I had them) is a piece of foam (from dollar tree) surrounded by sand (from dollar tree) Then topped with a starfish attached to a bamboo skewer as well (with hot glue). The skewers all stuck into the foam and kept it all secure

Baby Banner


  • Stefanie McGill

    I got lucky and found this perfect teal "wave" type bowl (at Tacoma Goodwill - Maple Valley location) that was just too perfect! Threw the pink sunglasses (from Dollar Tree) on there to break up the teal a bit since she is having a girl! It also made for the perfect spot to put one of the custom food labels I made! :)

Starfish shaped Blackberry Pie Pops

  • Stefanie McGill

    Instructions here: http://www.ourbestbite...) I used a starfish cookie cutter (from e-bay) refrigerated pie dough and a can of blackberry pie filling! Easy peasy! The hardest part was forking all the edges on these little guys! They are in a pink pail (from Dollar Tree) with rocks in the bottom (from dollar tree) 4 foam circles (from dollar tree) and sand colored paper shreds (from dollar tree) to cover it up. well at least the top ;) I'm not a perfectionist! Or at least I try not to be

Bucket of Coleslaw

  • Stefanie McGill

    We choose coleslaw to go with the "fish & chip" type food theme :) The pails were something we already had. We did put a plastic container (from Dollar Tree) in it to line it.

Starfish Shaped Tuna Fish Sandwiches

  • Stefanie McGill

    Tray (from Goodwill) was "lined" with a piece of teal wave scrapbook paper. (from the pack I got at Walmart) Bread cut with starfish shaped cookie cutter. (from ebay) then just filled with tuna sandwich filling!

Vegetable Tray

  • Stefanie McGill

    Fresh Vegetables from Foley's Produce and Uncle Dans in a bucket! The tray was covered in blue shelf liner (from Dollar Tree) so even when the vegetables were gone it still looked cute! Both the fruit and vegetable trays were wrapped with burlap and ribbon (the pink ribbon is also from the Dollar Tree - teal from craft store) I originally planned on setting this up like the fruit tray with the vegetables in buckets as well but I was worried they would tip and I was running out of time. So it is something I might try next time I do something like this!

Candy Coated Pretzel Rods

Cake Pops

  • Stefanie McGill

    I amazingly found a starfish mold (at Tacoma Goodwill - Maple Valley) that we were able to use to shape some! They are in the same bucket (from Dollar Tree) that the pie pops are in.

Fruit Tray

  • Stefanie McGill

    Buckets (from Dollar Tree) of "tropical" and colorful Fruit (Fresh Kiwi, mango's, peaches and watermelon ball on top from Foley's Produce and blueberries from QFC) - some brown sugar around the platter as sand and some teal beach glass! Spray painted that bucket and filled with foam and covered top with burlap. More pinwheels miniature this time I made and a label stick in to top it all off.

Diaper Cake

  • Stefanie McGill

    I made this diaper "cake" as a gift - I do this for every baby shower (because what new mom doesn't need diapers?) The bottom is diapers wrapped in the softest blanket ever(from Seattle Goodwill - Bellevue or Renton can't remember lol), the middle layer is wrapped in a pink halo sleep sack (from Target) and the top is wrapped in a plain long sleeved white shirt (from Target). The center is all held together with a bottle, some lavender night time baby bath and a set of 2 pacifiers. I wrapped burlap and ribbon around each layer and topped with a stuffed fish (from Dollar Tree) and more pinwheels I made! The little outfit is also from me. I couldn't believe it when I found it (at Tacoma Goodwill - Maple Valley) it is teal with white polka dots and has a starfish with pink scuba gear on and even little starfish buttons on the top!