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Strawberry blueberry trifle. 10 oz angel food cake cut to 1" cubes. 2 pints strawberry 2 pints blueberry. 6 tbsp sweetened condensed milk, 1 1/2 cup cold water, 1 pkg white chocolate pudding mix, 12 oz whipped topping. Whisk milk and water in bowl, whisk in pudding mix for 2 mins. Let set 2 mins fold in whipped topping. Arrange half cake in trifle bowl, layer: blueberry, half cream mixture, strawberry, remaining cake, blueberry, remaining cream. arrange leftovers. cover and refrigerate 1 hour

Halloween Decoration

A really clever idea for a Halloween party or even a fall birthday party!

Thinking outside the box...using other items to add color on tables, coffee beans, lentils, things that will not need refrigeration or water

Fluttering Through First Grade: Bathroom policy - students make a tally in the box with their number every time they go to the bathroom. This way you don't have to deny anyone who actually needs to go, but you have a record for both the student and their parents if someone is going too often.