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I like this idea of teaching mean, median and mode, but would probably revise this into a game. On a day doing math centers, I would just give the kids a deck of cards and have them draw 5 cards and find the mean, median and mode. That way there are more than 7 options. #Math #Center #Elementary

My newest creation: Popcorn multiplication and division. Facts are on yellow laminated construction paper and they go in the handy dandy 1$ popcorn container from Target. Mixed in are pieces that say "pop". Once they draw a pop card all of their collected pieces go back in the container. The player with the most popcorn wins

So simple yet so clever - Paper watermelon for teaching fractions

Batter Up! Fraction Card Game (like Go Fish)

Classroom Freebies: Bugaloo! - Multiplication and Division Fact Families

Classroom Freebies: Factor Pair Flip Flops Game

Classroom Freebies Too: Olympic Roll and Covers

Classroom Freebies Too: Math Olympics

tons of math centers- with ready to print pdf files for each one!

The child puts a golf tee through the hole, figures out the answer and then turns the card over to see if they are correct. (The answer will be written next to the hole the golf tee is sticking through.)