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Hanging out: Extras are seen gathered on the steps of a set for Gone with the Wind

Fiddle-dee-dee! Take an inside look at Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind- who didn't love Mammy, loved her in this movie.

Gone with the Wind promo shot of Hattie McDaniel

Gone with the Wind Film

Gone with the Wind Film by FranklyMyDear35 on deviantART

Beginning Of Gone With The Wind

Rhett & Bonnie Blue

Gone With The Wind

First scene in the movie- the porch scene with the twin brothers

GWTW collage

"I'll never go hungry again"- Scarlett O'hara

Striped dress worn when they went on a stroll with the baby

Gown worn in the scene where she confronts Rhett one night in his drunken stupor

The curtain or drapery dress- In hard times and low on money, Scarlett snatched this from the window and had mammie turn it into a dress.

The Garnet gown-Rhett Butler demanded Scarlett wear this gown to Ashley Wilkes' birthday party to make her look like the improper woman she was.