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Use straws to teach elapsed time. Click the image to view this and more ideas for using straws as teaching tools.

FREE Quick Colorblindness Test for Children~ Nothing can replace an expert opinion, but if you suspect a child may be struggling because he or she can't discern colors, this is a great way to test your hunch.

PARTS OF SPEECH GAME~ Team A selects 4 magnetic, alphabet letters and places them on the whiteboard. Each team writes a sentence using, in order, only words that begin with the letters on the board, and the articles a, an, and the, and then identify each word’s part of speech. Teams earn 1 point for a complete sentence and 1 point for each correctly identified part of speech. Team B picks letters next. Set a timer or do even number of rounds. The team with the higher score wins.

Practicing good hallway behavior is a routine for many teachers at the beginning of the year. Hang this Hallway Poem by your door and teach your st...

Classroom Material Packs (FlapJack or not) really help bring cohesiveness to your decor and a brightness to your learning environment. $

Teacher decor DIY-chalkboard paint letter. On the first day of school have every student write their name on the letter and display it on the door :) perfect for the k I am using in their picture!

Frame a class list and use a marker to cross or check off names -- I have wasted SO many pieces of paper on class lists!

Love this List!! 20 Things You Can Do In (About) 10 Minutes For A Smoother Running Classroom. Really simple and fast but with long lasting effects.