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Behind the Scenes

Stanley Kubrick frames a shot on the set of The Shining.

Superman (1978).

On the set of The Dark Knight.

On the set of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Let's do the time-warp again.

Enormous: The castle was based on Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle. Stuart Craig, production manager, is dwarfed by the massive structure.

Proud: Jose Granell, model supervisor, is pictured with the model of Hogwarts Castle. It has been used for every one of the Harry Potter films.

Adam West on the set of "Batman", 1966.

On the set of Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974.

Sunbathing on the set of Cleopatra.

Orson Welles pulling his Citizen Kane face off.

Anthony Perkins goes a little "ladder" on Psycho (1960).

Making Misery.

Tea Time on the Frankenstein set / Boris Karloff.

You're a freak. Like ME.

Madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little magic.

Jamie Lee at the old Bates Place.

Friends Again.

Two Scruffy-Looking Nerfherders.

George Lucas and Alec Guinness.

Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness having a laugh.