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Carte de visite featuring very rare pose of Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of President and Mary Lincoln. Pose originally taken for year book of Harvard Class of 1864. s*c

Abraham Lincoln Silk 1864 Campaign Ribbon Badge. Published/sold by Ferrotype Gallery, Philadelphia. *s*

A beautiful example of 1860 Abraham Lincoln / Hannibal Hamlin Ferrotype Presidential Campaign Pin. Photo and name of Lincoln would be on one side, and Hamlin on the reverse. Note that this Pin/Coin has error reversed with photo with Lincoln Ferrotype on the side of Coin that states Hamlin name. Unusual. *s*

The Life and Martyrdom of Abraham Lincoln. Published by T.B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia. (c. 1865).

CDV featuring dramatic scene of Boston Corbett firing at John Wilkes Booth through the wood slats as the barn at Garrett's Farm is engulfed in flames. One of the Garret boys kneels beside Corbett pointing out Booth. Note: Booth has dagger in hand, and nearby a rifle, and another dagger, a crutch falling away from him while he has a pistol in his pocket. Imprint by Francis Hacker, Rhode Island in the year of 1865. *s*


J. Wilkes Booth identified at Lincoln's Second Inauguration. The President stands delivering his speak (at pedestal). Booth is located top of crowd in the middle with top hat and famous mustache looking slightly down at Lincoln. *s*

The famous Inauguration photo

Nice version of Lincoln & Hamlin 1860 Campaign Ferrotype Medal Button. Approximately 1 inch in diameter. *s*

Lincoln Hamlin 1860 Campaign Ferrotype Button | eBay

Stereoview card of Abraham Lincoln's Funeral in New York City, April 25 1865. The assassinated President's coffin on the funeral hearse during the procession is clearly seen surrounded by the Funeral Honor Guard and other mourners. Look closely and in the back ground large mourning rosettes can be seen hanging in the windows. *s*

Abraham Lincoln New York City Funeral Stereoview April 25, 1865

Photo of controversial Charles Forbes, footman to the Lincoln Presidential carriage. Driver of the carriage during accident which injured Mary Lincoln as well as being on duty the night of the President's assassination. Forbes and patrolman John Parker shared the blame for leaving their posts outside the Presidential box to have a drink. Mary later held Forbes responsible for the President's death and wanted nothing to do with him after that. *s*

Mr. Lincoln's White House