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Remember as a child it was thrilling to go out in the rain, one could play in puddles for hours (though not allowed). It's unfortunate that as adults we mostly lose that unadulterated excitement over something so pure and natural as rain. © Peter Przybille

This would make an awesome watercolor tattoo

disney watercolour

soo gorgeous lana del rey

Here is a picture of Albert Einstein in fuzzy slippers. You're welcome.

this picture on your wedding day and then every 5-10 years... so eventually you have one when you're both in your 70's/80's, sitting on the porch in rocking chairs :)

Gorgeous. One of the most natural and beautiful pictures of MM - and one I've never seen before.

Take a photo of you & your husband in all four seasons. Then, do a grouping on the wall. Same spot, same pose, different season, different clothes! Love it!