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Bottle cap table top

  • Elicia Ropte

    I've been saving bottle caps for DIY end table projects. Icould be

  • Elicia Ropte

    Could be interesting handcrafted option for space given enough caps could be scrapped up

bottle cap table

I ABSULUTLY love that this uses other elements with the bottle caps.

I've been saving bottle caps for months! Can't wait to do something like this

our bottle cap table- finally finished!

  • Sara

    This is so well done! Great design!

Hey reddit, check out this Beatles bottle cap table I've been working on. What do you think?

every canvas idea on this etsy is adorable! 12X12 Canvas Sign - How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, Typography word art, Gift, Decoration, Pink and White. $25.00, via Etsy.

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I want to be someone's weakness. I want my strength and power to come from him. I have always felt this way, and this finally put it into words :)

  • Ksenia B

    Eh, wrong. I'm his weakness, but I'm also his strength and vice versa. You can have a great guy without having to act like a demsel in distress :)

  • Kelsey Stockton

    So women make men weak? But men make women strong? Um no.

  • Julia Chopelas

    Stupid! "This is called exchange of power," who writes this crap?

  • Mary Wenban

    Um hellos I think this is completely true I mean if u really love someone that is how it works that is not stupid

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Every time I rise from the flames, I become stronger...hence why my tattoo is the Phoenix.