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coffee-sugar scrub helps remove cellulite and makes skin irresistibly soft! Just 2 cups of ground coffee, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and 2 tbsp of olive oil

No Bat wings...11 Best Tricep Exercises For Women. Great site! It shows you how to do it all!

Best Tricep Exercises For Women

Floral Crown | Festival Wedding Inspiration and Ideas for the Laid Back Couple

Festival Wedding Inspiration and Ideas for the Laid Back Couple

If you do not have hours of time each day to train your flexibility you will probably want to limit yourself to doing only 5 minutes. Luckily, 5 minutes of flexibility training is a great way to drastically improve your flexibility level! Once you get more advanced you are ready to use the intermediate and advanced variation of this routine. F...

5 exercises for a smaller waist, leaner core - hello Pilates exercises that I have been looking for!!!

5 exercises for a smaller waist, leaner core

a sensible 10K training plan! If you can run 2 miles, you can use this plan and #run a 10K in just 12 weeks.

Spark Your Way to a 10K

Running for beginners - this week I'm determined to start running my neighborhood before my morning shower. If I think I can, then I can!

Running for beginners program - Weight Loss Tips

foods for weight loss

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

this is a great way to wear a scarf that has fringe or poms or any sort of dangling embellishment - over a simple dress it becomes jewelry. So cute!

Guide to using Greek yogurt as a substitute for butter, oil, sour cream, mayo or cream cheese

9 Exercises for Strong, Sculpted Arms

The knockout remedy! Three ingredients that will knock out any cold or upper respiratory infection.

27 crazy inventions from the past. Notice the baby cage hanging out the window????

De-bloat Juice Recipe: 1 cucumber, 3 stalks celery, 1/2 lemon, 1 kale leaf, 1 green apple

detox water, electrolyte energy drink and sleepy time drink - all natural

Did this yesterday, and I'm SO sore today. Really only takes about 15 minutes. Great to do every morning before you get ready for the day!