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MAISLIN Brothers Trucking

From Maislin to Maisliner!

In 1945, four Canadian brothers borrowed a thousand dollars to make a down payment on a used truck. From these modest beginnings, operating from their mother's kitchen, they launched a local cartage service. The original group was later joined by three more brothers and a brother-in-law. Together, they transformed the modest initial investment into one of the largest trucking companies in North America: Maislin Transport.

"QUINN" was based out of Brockton, MA, and was purchased by "MAISLIN BROS. TRANSPORT" of Toronto in 1982. This is another circa-1955 photo taken at Fort Lee......

They also informal "Fallen Flags" tribute

Late 70's Chev Titan day cab - Maislin Transport.

Maislin Ford LNT - this one the last new tractors purchased after the purchase of Gateway Transportation and before their shutdown