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Steve Waring

Steve Waring

Design & Art Direction FROM PARTS UNKNOWN

The Arabic Didot by Ruh Al-Alam, via Behance

Groovy 1970s Set of Four Vintage Original Prints by iowajewel


'passion' typography by mihail mihaylov

Gig poster designed by Human League co-founder Martyn Ware in 1987. The poster was designed to look futuristic and "like something from a sci-fi film" he says.

70th birthday by Eight Hour Day

DELONGHI WRAPPING AND MORE by Jonathan Calugi, via Behance

cool typography. and a great year.

Type 365 These experimental numbers are part of... | Type Worship

Three by George Bokhua

Numbers 20 print


Tatalab: Yorokobu Numbers

Numbers by Jaime Fernandez


Numeric, Typeverything by Andrei Robu, Craig Ward, Dana Tanamachi, Darren Booth, Dominic Le-Hair, Jeff Rogers, Jeremy Pruitt, Jessica Walsh, Ryan Feerer, Maia Then, Mary Kate McDevitt, Matt W. Moore, Neuarmy, Simon Ålander. // #typography #numbers