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As dark as it gets----a dark reminder.


Kloten ND. BB Team circa 1937

The Jens Ree Family Christmas photo. circa 1964.

N. D. Duck hunt.

"Dakota Visit"

Uncle & Nieces.

  • Janis Jaeger

    Great picture of Elvin

  • Steve Ree

    Taken about 1950 or so.

  • Steve Ree

    Are you from Kloten?

  • Janis Jaeger

    Yes I am. I am a Christofferson. Elvin and Edna were a good friends of the family.

  • Steve Ree

    Your Dad must of been Johnny.? I remember him. My brother Marc and I own the Kloten house and go back every fall to hunt.

The day Oscar took a BB in the leg. "Boy, dat REALLY stung"

  • Janis Jaeger

    Is that Oscar Glunberg???

  • Steve Ree

    Yes, and my brother Marc. He was hunting with us in the fog and I didn't know he was close. ( about 100 yards) It didn't break the skin but went through his hip boot. Apprx. 1979.

Hunting days gone by-Dakota Praire.

Eddie "The Blade" Boschee. 1942

"War Bride"

"Newlyweds in France"

Fur coats in the Fifties.

The classic front porch pose