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And here's another one of her being a boss. A classy, glamorous boss.

When I find myself getting overwhelmed by my job, I ask myself "What would Anna Wintour do?" And then I pull myself together and get to work. I have so much respect for this lady.

Tights printed with images from the Hubble telescope. So gorgeous, and also scientific!!

Bored housewife realness. Vogue Italia October 2011 - Home Chic.

Vogue Italia October 2011 - Home Chic. Yes, I'm going to post the whole damn photo spread, because it is beautiful.

You guys, I'm starting to think I need a subscription to Vogue Italia. Just LOOK at how fantastic this is!

Vogue Italia October 2011. I assumed this was from the sixties when I first saw the picture--everything is spot-on.

In the top left corner: "Next up at 4am..." Because obviously that's when you're watching QVC--when you're awake in the middle of the night and there's nothing else on.

There's so much going on here, and they're still showing off the clothes. I love it. Where high and low fashion meet.

Yes, those hats are crazy. But I'm liking the black and tan geometric dresses. It's for the ahhht, my dears.

Everything about this photo spread is amazing. I love how spot-on the production design is. And the presenters seem to have really nailed their characters.

This is from a 2012 Vogue Italia spread that was made to look like a home shopping channel. Except with Burberry and Dior instead of random celebrity "designs."

I never wear t-shirts, but HOT DAMN I want this one. (Also, I promise I'll stop posting about Sharon Needles soon. Maybe.)