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Stockton History - Photos from the Past

We love Stockton, Ca, especially where it came from! Celebrate Stockton's past.

St. John's Church in Downtown Stockton, California during flood - 1890's

Early picture of the Stockton settlement at one time referred to as Tuleburg and Mudville.

Ship on waterfront near Sperry Flour Mill in Downtown Stockton.

Sikh Parade 1945 - Stockton, California

Captain Charles Weber, founder of the city of Stockton, California.

Charles Weber, merchant of Stockton

Downtown Stockton, California Waterfront and Hotel Stockton view from Courthouse early 1900's.

  • George Chimiklis

    The Hotel Stockton still stands, renovated in the past decade. We are looking West. See how close the waterfront and the wharves come to the hotel? Today, 2 major North-South streets now occupy the space that covers 2-3 blocks west of the Hotel.

Weber Avenue 1910's looking East from El Dorado - Stockton, California

Downtown Stockton Waterfront early 1900's. From left - Masonic Temple, Hotel Stockton, Courthouse.

Postcard, Stockton, California late 1800's. Showing second courthouse and downtown waterfront.

Map of Stockton, California from the late 1800's - Manufacturing City of CA

Stockton, California - Panoramic Map Poster at

Burns Tower Construction at the University of the Pacific

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