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Yet another awesome set of resources from Beth Newingham, the teacher that does it all! This one is for assessing guided reading.

Assessment in My Reading Workshop |

Classroom economy management system. Incorporates math and social studies concepts. Links to video. (Evidently, I just want to be Beth Newingham.)

My Classroom Economy: Bringing the

Beth Newingham - book nooks. this is where the kids have a designated spot to sit each day during centers or independent reading

Nonfiction text features book and printables from Beth Newingham (who is an amazing teacher & resource)! -Crystal

Common themes in fiction text (this is from Beth Newingham, whose entire site is pure teacher love)

How to do spelling- literally best thing I've ever read about word study - from Beth Newingham

My November Top Ten List: Word Study in Action |
  • kelly otero

    Trying to print spelling inventory words 500 - 700 - links won't open here or on scholastic page

Books with a common theme posters from Beth Newingham.....several themes available and free downloads on her website.

Love Beth Newingham! Monthly (or maybe by semester?) book awards - categories created by the class

Would love to sort my books this way. Beth Newingham

A Virtual Peek Into My Classroom Library |
  • Jaime Bartlo

    Beth- thank you for your printable labels. I wanted to get into touch with you because I turned many of your book bin labels into mailing address labels so that my students know where to return each book. I would love to send them to you so that you could share them out. Please email me! Fellow- Michigan 3rd grade teacher :)

Teaching the mystery genre by Beth Newingham...lots of free resources.

Ingredients of a Mystery |

More of a travel theme from Beth Newingham

Book Bin Labels- Beth Newingham

Beth Newingham, one of my favorites! Word study record

My November Top Ten List: Word Study in Action |