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Spanish ring knot on waterproof storage capsule

via JD of Tying It All Together - How to Make a Stitched Flight Sinnet (Paracord) Bracelet

via Mabel Marble - How to tie the 7L 8B 3-pass Gaucho ie Spanish Ring Knot

VENOM mochi by Stormdrane X Mochibrand drawstring backpack

VENOM mochi by Stormdrane X Mochibags - Drawstring backpack reinvented

Stormdrane's Blog: In the mail this week...

Schmuckatelli Co. Kiko Tiki black oxide bead on VENOM mochibag paracord zipper pull

Stormdrane's Blog

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  • William Covington

    I've gleamed a lot of ideas and followed samples from your site.... just THANKS. Nice in "lights" well deserved for sure.

How to tie the 5L 11B 2-pass Gaucho ie Spanish Ring knot - the easy way by Mabel Marble

Online forum member challenge coins...

VENOM mochi by Stormdrane

Stormdrane's Blog: VENOM mochi by Stormdrane

A bracelet tied by a friend and received as a gift

Stormdrane's Blog

Black oxide Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Bead on two-peg spool knit paracord wallet lanyard

Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Beads on paracord lanyards

pewter Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Bead from Schmuckatelli Co.

black oxide Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Bead on paracord lanyard

Fast and easy way to tie a 5L 14B Gaucho knot ie enlargened Spanish Ring knot

Paracord finger loop retention fob...

Schmuckatelli Co. promised a GIVEAWAY for international only entrants(those residing outside the U.S.A.), here's your chance to win! Entry period ends September 2, 2014.

Knot #646 in ABoK, a single strand button knot, with Ashley mentioning in his book that the rim resembles the Matthew Walker.

Stormdrane's Blog: A single strand button knot...