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Accumulation Paper Cut Sculptures by Christine Kim

Paper Cut Birds in Nature by Clare Lindley Woodpecker

Teach Yourself To Papercut with Mr Yen Designs!

If there was a pageant for paper sculptors, Jeff Nishinaka, a native of Los Angeles, would win top prize. His work is breathtaking in its cleanliness, complexity, and kinetic movement.

Astral Pizza in the window by Tahiti Pehrson's Tendon is the night, via Flickr

Tahiti Pehrson “complex geometrical patterns in his hand-cut paper sculptures” By far, one of the best visual artists to come out of Nevada County, CA!

Folk Turtle Silhouette Paper Cutting from Thicket by Jenny Lee Fowler

Organic Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown

Organic Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown | strictlypaper

ON PAPER - Grand Central Exhibition

ON PAPER - Grand Central Exhibition | strictlypaper

The Gift - paper art at its finest

Babyology - Modern finds for hip kids and parents

Paper Cut Message By Annie Vought

Transparent God Paper Sculpture by Peter Callesen