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Stand up for what you believe in

Stand up for what you believe in, for what is right. Stand against those who would persecute you for being who you are, stand up against those who judge you. Stand up for the others around that are unable to stand, and encourage those that are too afraid.

“In 2014, women voters have made it clear that they won’t stand for attacks on their economic security or their reproductive healthcare,” said Stephanie Schriock, president EMILY’s List, a group that elects pro-choice women and one of the poll’s sponsors. “The Republican Party’s relentless assault on women’s rights and freedoms is backfiring, and as long as they continue to ignore the real needs of working families, the gulf between them and women voters will only continue to grow.”

Mother Theresa didn't walk around complaining about her thighs ... she had shit to do


Jane Wylanda - Timeline Photos | Facebook

And Phil and Lil’s mom’s sweater, just like, in general. | 17 Times Cartoons Encouraged You To Be A Feminist

17 Times Cartoons Encouraged You To Be A Feminist

Brad talked about this in an interview, Shiloh prefers to be addressed by the family as "John". He and Angelina don’t care because they recognize that not all children are the same/follow traditional gender binaries and they love John no matter what so it doesn’t matter to them what gender ze is. Which I thought was awesome. Parents, LISTEN to your kids. Embrace difference, know that you are raising your children right by allowing them to be themselves.

Science vs. emotion and misinformation

All women can relate, and even one is far too many. #Yesallwomen


Domestic Violence


When the orphanages are empty and every child in this world is loved, fed, clothed, educated, and vaccinated the anti-abortionists can get back to me about how helpful they'll be towards unwanted children.

Republican Hypocrites are what's wrong with America today.

The most violent element in society is ignorance.

What do you think?

They call it putting the "milk before meat." #LDS

Women are complete human beings not potential mothers. Motherhood is just an option.

Sadly true

A feminist will stand up for those who won't stand up for themselves. In order for women to have equal rights, we need to also combat sexism, racism, patriarchy, and gain equal rights for LBGTQ.

Real Jesus Versus Republican Jesus

Stand up