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Google Semantic Search

Plenzes--- A novel of the future that could headed our way all too quickly. It's not a future I embrace. I find this small .99 cent Kindle book challenging and disturbing.

What the Plus! Guy Kawasaki strikes again with a difinitive book about Google+. If you think that G+ is a ghost town or you don't know what to do this. G+ is evolving into a platform not a site. It is the fastest way to do so many things it's better for you to read the book. If you want to find me

Alex Baldwin, no not related to the brothers, I think from the TV series FireFly that should have been named Serenity. I can completely appreciate the entire image and message.

A book I'm reposting as it's about how we make decisions and why so many of them are ....wrong...or perhaps better error.