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Beautiful A Level Art

Excellent high school Art projects to inspire those studying A Level Art, IB and AP Studio art (by students who are 16-17 years old)

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Beautiful A Level Art

  • 385 Pins

Large stitched photographic piece, re-photographed. A Level student Ella Kasperowicz (100%)

How to Avoid the Cliché in a High School Art Project

The images above show how textile techniques have been mixed with photography to create innovative and meaningful outcomes in response to an idea / theme - 100% A Level Art project by Ella Kasperowicz from Thomas Alleyne's High School

How to Avoid the Cliché in a High School Art Project

Beautiful, A Level Art

A Level Exam Pieces
  • selina ja

    I am currently doing my A2 and really stuck with how to progress with my idea. My theme I have chosen is imperfection of a human. I have a slight idea that I want to look at the imperfection that I have on my own face and capture pictures and compare it with the idea of looking “perfect” (medias portrayal) and the theme I am wondering to run with is surrealism, because I can play around with my face to create a grotesque image or distort a “perfect” face.

  • selina ja

    But I am wondering if it is a good theme to run with and how I can make this more impactful and make it less cliche than it sounds

  • Student Art Guide

    Hi Selena, please ask this question via the Student Art Guide website forum and people will be able to provide you with some feedback :) Thank you!

amy le vasseur

A-level artist study on Todd Ford @ Highcrest Academy



Jasmine Bowerman Unit 3 example of page from sketchbook

Final Idea development Mouldy Food- Lauren Nurse- Oil Paint

Development and sketchbook work- Bones- Lauren Nurse

Garlic and Onion development and analysis- Sketchbook Pages- Lauren nurse

Textiles Student Sketchbook exploring Growth from Decay - observational drawings & mixed media mushroom studies // Connie Evans

N5 full folio (3xA2) Buckhaven HS

Development from own photos

An A Level Art project (moving image) by Charlotte Cook from South Hunsley School

Case Study: 100% in A Level Art - Moving Image

Allegra Thomas AP Art

Allegra Thomas AP Art

A2 Level Art and Design, photo manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Stunning IB Art b project by Samantha Li

Drawing with light, by A Level Photography student Georgia Shattky, ACG Parnell College

portraiture development for A Level Art - Sophie Cahill from St Bede’s Catholic School and Byron Sixth Form College

High School Art Student Paints Three Generations of her Family

Phenomenal drawings by IB Art student Samantha Li

No, this is not a photograph. This stunning pencil drawing by 16 year old Shania McDonagh was the winning entry in the 2014 Texaco Children’s Art Competition

50+ Awesome Art Competitions for High School Students

Jonathan, Experimenting with Lino printing and photography. St Mary's Catholic High School