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Bible Teaching Ideas

Cross Craft - masking tape cross on white paper (preferably cardstock as it's thicker) . . use water colours to paint over the cross ten peal the masking tape away slowly.

A Simple Cross Craft for Easter

Steps to salvation song color poster...with scripture references to Romans 10 and Acts is to tune of Pop Goes the Weasel

Steps to Salvation song

Free Bible pictures of the parable of the Lost Coin. (Luke 15:8-10)

This Bible Box is nothing short of awesomeness! Great visual aid for leading your kids through Bible stories. Lots of creative, inexpensive ideas to build off of.

Make Your Own Bible Box |

Beach Ball with questions for small groups -either put names/places from Bible or questions about the lesson on the ball. Toss the ball and student answers question or tells about what is on the color he sees.

School Counselor Blog

Lesson for kids about Santa and Jesus. I am grateful someone took the time to make this.

Latter-day Homeschooling: The Symbols of CHRISTmas

Parable Pouch - $12.95 "As you read to them from the Bible and explain the pieces, they will soon remember that the fish is when Jesus called Peter to be a “fisher of men” and the jar is when Jesus turned the water into wine. The scriptures for each is listed inside each box."

Hands On Bible Teacher: Jeremiah & The Potter--VISUALS for the story.

Hands On Bible Teacher: Jeremiah & The Potter

Children costumes made from $1.50 thrift store flat sheets

Daughter of Hope: VBS - Marketplace



Best place to learn about Bible - esp for adults new to the Bible. World Bible School

World Bible School

World Bible Study website - great beginning point to learn about Bible - esp. for adults

World Bible School

felt board bible story figures plagues by theirheartsandbones

Bible Class Creations: Blacklight In the Fiery Furnace (see angel with blacklight)

Bible Class Creations: Blacklight