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It's true, Capri Sun is only for the skillful.

Epic Fails #1-46 - The Big Pie 101
  • Mechela Knutson

    I remember when they stopped putting the straw directions on the back. I was a very unhappy child for awhile.

What happens when you tell your friends that you left your phone at home... if you're lucky enough to have friends this brilliant. :) Proud to say I know both Tara (the owner of this woebegone iPhone) and Ralph (the genius, GENIUS behind the texts). Because this is, quite possibly, the greatest thing ever. heatherballisonph...

Oh holy crap that's funny.

"relax I was just kidding!" Ha. The one on the left reminds me of my dad. ;)

I would be lying if I said this wasn't true.

OMG!!! I always think like this when someone is showing me something on a computer! Is that mean??

that. is. hilarious actually