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The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment: Maria Nemeth Ph.D. The only money book you'll ever need. Savor it slowly.

If you've been following me for a while you know that I do not make New Year's Resolutions. I've never cared for the word resolve and, from what I hear, the follow-through rate on resolutions is abysmal. I do, however. . .

What’s She Reading & Why? | Conscious Bites Nutrition

"You're too sensitive." I heard those words throughout my childhood. I came to believe they were true. They were typically spoken by my mother. One of my earliest memories of my mother included the crack of a wooden spoon. . .

What’s She Reading? | Conscious Bites Nutrition

Take Two Chocolates and Call Me in the Morning: 12 Semi Practical Solutions for the Woman on Overload by Emily Watts. ( I love her sense of humor)

Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child With Special Needs

"books are a uniquely portable magic." - stephen king

Not an infographic, but true none-the-less. Love this!

"We learn to listen for our own acquired sense of what feels right, based on the totality of the pleasure (or its lack)." I think there is some magic to be discovered in the pages of this book.

One of the original positive psychologists. this book makes a good case for a soul having an agenda that was intended before your birth. he does it in an insider of psychology way.... in other words, he makes a professional case for the adaptation of a seemingly 'woo woo' or spiritual idea

  • Sue Ann Gleason

    This looks like my kind of read. Thank you for the thoughtful introduction, Jenn.

if you love science but not the jargon - this book is awesome! it illustrates findings in the genetic field and how they relate to our everyday life... there is a great story about the difference between the promiscuous and monogamous mouse and how her body has adapted to her sexual behavior.

not just about writing. not at all. . .